24-slot 100FX SFP + 4 Gigabit Combo Ports

The MEN-6332 is a Managed Layer 2+ aggregation switch specifically designed with high fiber-port count plus Gigabit connectivity to provide extended reach for retail, branch-office and enterprise environments. With its 24-100Base-FX SFP slots, the MEN-6332 delivers stable quality transmissions over significantly long distances and 4-Gigabit combo ports provides greater flexibility in choosing the type of connectivity you need, fiber or copper, without consuming unused switching fabric or degrading switching performance.

Know More about product

Being a Layer 2+ switch, the MEN-6332 is designed with intelligent modern routing capabilities such as Static-route and Inter-VLAN routing
to maximize routing efficiency. While static routing can be used for small networks, Inter-VLAN routing brings capability to route traffic
between VLANs. These both basic Layer 3 features provide logical segmentation of the network with additional security and separation of
broadcast domains. The MEN-6332 implements Inter-VLAN routing, the best solution to route traffic between VLANs, that makes use of latest
technology to ensure a very fast, reliable and cost-effective routing solution.

The MEN-6332 adapts Dual Homing feature which provides an active/primary connection and a standby/backup connection. In the event of primary
connection failure, the backup connection is activated and ensures network uptime. RSTP offers faster convergence and LACP connects two or more
physical links between network devices to increase bandwidths and provide redundancy. These features of the MEN-6332 provide a highly reliable
network with redundancy connections whenever required and guarantee continuous network uptime.

Network applications need different levels of services delivered to them reliably without any transmission delays and interruptions. The MEN-6332 has
comprehensive QoS mechanisms that assign priority to applications and send only specific dedicated traffic to them. In addition, bandwidth management
functions of the switch allocate greater bandwidth for mission-critical communications. With increased control, administrators can prevent
unpredictable errors and utilize the bandwidth more effectively.

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