OL-OLT 7000
8 Port Chasis

OL-7000 is GEPON rack adopts 19”, 3U height rack and dual power supply. The rack supports 8 pcs of PON cards. Each PON supports 32 ONU access and whole rack support 256ONUs or 512 ONUs. It supports integrated management through the network management card OL-M7000. The whole system supports SNMP and Telnet.

Know More about product

OL-OLT 7000
19” , 3U height
Dual Power supply
Hot Swap
AC220V or DC-48V optional
OL-OLT 7000
 Maximum Slots 8 OLT cards, 1management card
Work Temperature  -30~55 deg 
Storage Temperature -40~70deg
Humidity 5%~90% non-condensing
Power Supply

Dual Power Supply

AC220V or DC48V





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